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1. Applications and Field tools

Intellihub uses a document sharing system called ShareFile – also known as Citrix Files.


ShareFile contains all current versions of Intellihub documents including:


  • Work Instructions

  • Procedures

  • Forms

  • Technical Alerts and Information

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Worker Carrying Asbestos Board

2. Asbestos Management

The Intellihub Asbestos Management Plan uses industry best practice control measures and processes, developed by expert Asbestos Assessors based on test data results.

The IntelliHUB procedure PR 1355 – Asbestos Management Plan must be followed otherwise your company procedure must be submitted to intelliHUB for review.

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Construction Managers

3. Health Safety Environment and Quality

A person conducting a business or undertaking who engages in high risk works is required under Work Health and Safety regulations to ensure:

  • SWMS is prepared before commencement of work

  • Ensure high risk works are carried out in accordance with the SWMS

  • Ensure SWMS are reviewed where needed

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4. WC and CT Installation Procedures and Wiring Diagrams

This module covers all available metering configurations that need to be selected and adhered to.

Situations not addressed by this document are considered “Non-Standard”.

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Satellite Dish

5. External Antenna Installation

This module will cover off the required procedure for installing external antennas and must be followed at all times. 

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6. PPE and Test Equipment

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7. Meter Reading

It is important that you understand how to read a dial meter. Entering the correct final reading, will ensure that the customer is billed accurately.

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8. Safety non - Negotiables

The safety of our people, partners and the community is paramount and at the forefront of everything we do.

This module covers


  • Live Works

  • Risk Management

  • Testing Procedure

  • PPE and Testing Equipment

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Electrical Work

9. Fault

This module covers off different fault types and the action to prevent and address any that occur.

One of the main purposes of a meter is to provide quality data on time and faults prevent this from happening leading to poor customer experiences.

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10. Existing Intellihub Meter Fleet

A type 4 meter is a two-way digital communication system that automatically sends a customer’s usage data to the required parties through its remote communications function.


This automated communication ends the need for manual meter reads and gives customers greater control over their electricity usage and billing arrangements, and a choice of services.

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11. Defects and Life Support

This module covers the defect notification process to ensure that appropriate action is taken when a defect is identified and that all parties are correctly notified.

It also covers the procedure around life support customers.

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12. Field Mobility Device

Oracle Field Service Cloud is our in field mobility device for accessing and completing work in the field.

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