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Getting connected has never been quicker, easier or more rewarding


We make it quicker and easier to get connected and more rewarding for you and your customers.

Registration and training

Quick and easy to get onboarded, trained and accredited.

  • Register online in less than 15 minutes.

  • Face to face training.

  • At a place and time of your choosing.

  • Ready to install by the end of same day.

  • Starter pack to get you going.

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Shopping Bags

Getting a work order

Quick and easy process to lodge a request and get your work order.

  • Simply go to our request page.


  • Fill in a few quick details.


  • Attach the request for a new energy account and submit.

  • We will check the details, do some additional validation to ensure it goes through smoothly and work closely with you an the retailer to get your NMI and work order processed quickly.

Dedicated support & stock ordering

Dedicated customer and operational support team to look after your needs and get any issues sorted first time right.

  • We have a dedicated team to look after you. They have many years of experience & knowledge and a turbo charged level of passion for you our customer.

  • Available online or on the phone when you need us to help with any issues or queries. There to ensure everything runs smooth from end to end and to jump in and get it sorted if anything goes wrong.

  • We will get your NMI & service order to you quickly, ensure you get your stock on time and will support you end to end with any issues or challenges you encounter.

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Innovative products and services beyond the meter that create incredible value and experiences for your customers.

  • A meter is not just a meter.

  • To a point, all meters provide the same benefits across operations, billing and customer service.

  • But some have unique features and capabilities enabled by innovation and technology behind the meter that will create immense value for your customers as we transition from a centralised system of fossil-fuel power generation towards a decentralised system of widely dispersed, relatively small-scale renewable generators.

  • Our meters and technology stack available today and rolling out in the coming months and years will be unique to any other metering provider and enable your customers to create and capture greater value where they work, live and play. Using our meters and innovative retail partners means your brand and proposition in the market will also be stronger.


Rewards and incentives for doing business with us that are valuable for you and help grow your business.

  • We will reward and recognise you for doing business with us.

  • We don't pay broker fees, we deal direct and reinvest the savings into recognising and rewarding you for your business. This way we can help you grow your business and be successful.

  • We will offer more rewards the more you do business with us.

  • We will also provide access to unique product and services beyond the meter to help you grow your business - more than just a meter.

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Register Here to join using our quick and easy online registration process. It will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

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